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District Small Club of the Year 2013-2014 - 100% Paul Harris Club 2013-2014
District 6950, Zone 33-34, Rotary International,
Rotary E-Club of Southeast USA and Caribbean

The Club is based in Zone 34 which includes Florida,Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Membership is not limited to this Zone as we serve

the Rotary World.

Our weekly Rotary Meeting (consisting of our weekly program and the forum) officially begins at 6 PM (Eastern Time) each Saturday and continues 24 hour a day till 5 PM the following Friday.

2017 - 2018

District 6950

Rotary International

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Welcome to Rotary E-Club of Southeast USA and Caribbean.
This club (#67734) 
is the 14th of the original Rotary E-Clubs. It is a regional e-club based in Rotary District 6950 (west Florida)  and has membership from all of the world. 

Welcome Back Past President Robin Foley. Today Sunday 9-24

An 80-year-old man stands in front of his destroyed home in Marigot, Dominica, on 27 September. Photograph: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images


Can you imagine how you would go about recovery at 80?


An 80-year-old man stands in front of his destroyed home in Marigot, Dominica, on 27 September.
Late Wednesday night Robin's daughter Julie Ann received word from the university on Dominica confirming her father had been located and was "Fine" . The family had feared the worst after seeing pictures of the devastation wrought by Maria. When hurricane Irma missed the island earlier Robin had made the decision to complete his Rotary mission to award a scholarship as planned. He could never have imagined what would happen next. It was dark as the storm approached the island. One can only guess what it was like couched in the darkness with the sound of the 150 mph winds and torrential rain beating on the building wondering if he would survive. Robin will have a tale to tell when he returns as only he can do. We wish him a safe and speedy passage home.

Saturday: September 23 Update: I spoke with Robin's wife Maeve. She said that she received a call from the French gentlemen who is now in Martinique that had gone through the hurricane with Robin at the hotel. He reported Robin is well. Boats are now evacuating American students and tourists to St. Lucia from Roseau Dominica. From there they will be picked up by as US C-130 for transport back to the US. Maeve expects he may be home in the next 3-4 days. Can't wait.

Sunday: September 24, Update: Past President Robin Foley was airlifted from Dominica and later flown aboard a C-130 to Martinique. Then by commercial flight to Barbados and to Miami airport. One of his first calls was to President Andy Burnstein to tell him he was alright and back on US soil. "You are a hero," Andy told him. "I had tears in my eyes talking with him," Andy said. Robin was awaiting a flight home to Pensacola. Robin said his mission now was to raise money to aid the people of Dominica. "They have lost everything," said Robin. Andy reported that even before he know when he could
expect to be rescued, Robin was helping others doing what he could for all those around him. Hats of to a great Rotarian. We are glad to have him home.


Monday October 2, Update: Received word via What'sApp text that our student Nyamie is safe and well. Her home was flooded. Communication is by text only, and is slow and sporadic. No stable internet yet in that area. No electricity yet.

Yes, we are tapped out with Harvey in Texas, Irma in Florida and now Irma & Maria in Puerto Rico. The E-Club donated $2000 for Harvey and is donating $2000 to Dominica.

View the video and please, in your charity, consider a donation.

Click on the "DONATIONS" tab in the left margin, Select "Dominica Disaster Relief" and follow the instructions to complete your online donation.

Non Rotarians - Just complete information indicated by red dot.

Every $ helps. 

For tax deductable donations make a check out to Cordova Rotary Foundation - mark it "Dominica" and mail it to Cordova Rotary Foundation, PO Box 17694, Pensacola FL 32522.

E-Club Members, once logged in, will find a tab entitled "Forums and Club Meetings" in the left hand margin. This tab will connect you to the club's weekly meetings. Each weekly meeting contains three "threads" or topics.  If time permits, please participate in all three.  You can add your comments by clicking on the Reply button on the top of the most recent post.  The forums are:    


1. Meeting Call to Order 

2. Program of the Week 

3. Biography of the Week

We look forward to your participation in our weekly meetings. 

The weekly meetings officially begin at 6 PM (Eastern Time) each Saturday and continue 24 hours a day 'till 5 PM the following Friday.

Visiting Rotarians:
If you are a Rotarian visiting for a "make-up" meeting, please select the tab on the left entitled Visiting Rotarian. On the drop down menu select "Visiting Rotarian". Then follow the sign in instructions. Only complete the required information indicated by the red asterisk.

Please note that we require a $5.00 contribution which is used exclusively to support our charitable projects. 

You may click on "Make Up Form" to print a copy of your attendance record to give to your Rotary Club Secretary.

Meet Our First Virtual Member, Emily
EmilyEmily is the character in our Rotary Tutorial. As our newest ambassador it is her job to introduce potential members to Rotary and our club. It is fitting that a virtual Rotary club have at least one virtual member.
Because Emily is new to our club you will want to click on the link below and get to know her better. While in the tutorial take your time to explore all the tabs, especially the 'Video' button.
In all fairness we may ask John, also a virtual character to join the club later. Don't forget to test your Rotary knowledge at the end.
Awarded Best Small Club of the Year in District 6950

 Incoming District Governor Mike Chapman Speaks to our Club






2016 – 2017 DONATIONS

Through our Dues, Donations, Visiting Rotarian make-up donations and share from the Rotary Tree of Remembrance -Pensacola we, a small club with geographically dispersed membership, have been able to donate to a wide variety of charitable projects –

  • Vocational Service awards                                                     $200
  • Toys for Tots                                                                             200
  • Rotary’s Camp Florida                                                            1800
  • Rotary Youth Exchange – Outbound                                        600
  • Earle Halle S4TL Memorial sponsorship                                  600
  • Shelter Box – Haiti                                                                  1000
  • District 6950 – People Helping People                                     500
  • Buddy Walk                                                                              100
  • Dominica High School Scholarship                                        1000
  • District Literacy Activity for flooded schools in Louisiana         100
  • Honduras Water and Sanitation Global Grant                          500   6600

These contributions should be considered against the fact that almost 40% of our dues go to pay Rotary International and District dues.


Additionally, to encourage member participation in Rotary Leadership Training we have provided –

  • Rotary Leadership Institute – 3 registrations                           300
  • Contribution to Presidents PETS expenses                             400
  • Contribution toward member Atlanta 2017 Convention cost  1000  1700 

                                                TOTAL                            $8300

We have all contributed to “making a Difference” for people we will probably never meet in Haiti, Louisiana, Florida, Dominica and Honduras.

Thanks All.

E-Club Treasurer, Ray Cornelius receives Paul Harris + 2 Pin.
Walking the talk on EREY - Every Rotarian Every Year.
E-Club Treasurer Ray Cornelius receiving his Paul Harris + 2 Pin. Walking the talk on EREY - Every R

E-Club Member Vera Kuehr from  Munich in banner exchange with President Bush Dumville, R C Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Highway trash pick-up with University of West Florida Roteract
E-Club Member and Rotary Peace Fellow, Karla Castellanos, Wollstonecraft, New South Wales, Australia doing a Banner Exchange "down under".