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District 6950, Zone 33-34, Rotary International,
100% Paul Harris Fellow Club 2013-14
Rotary E-Club of SE USA and Caribbean                     100% Paul Harris
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100% Paul Harris Fellow Club 2013-14

The Club is based in Zone 34 which includes Florida,Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Membership is not limited to this Zone as we serve

the Rotary World.

Our weekly Rotary Meeting (consisting of our weekly program and the forum) officially begins at 6 PM (Eastern Time) each Saturday and continues 24 hour a day till 5 PM the following Friday.

Melona Sossah

District 6950

Rotary International

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HomeAbout E-Clubs

Rotary e-clubs are Rotary clubs that meet online. Effective 1 July 2010, Rotary e-clubs are officially a part of Rotary International, following a six-year pilot project.

Other than meeting online to conduct Rotary business, Rotary e-clubs are essentially the same as other Rotary clubs: they conduct service projects, support The Rotary Foundation, and enjoy fellowship among members. Rotary e-clubs follow the same guidelines and procedures as other clubs.

For business, professional, and community leaders who are unable to attend a weekly meeting in person (due to physical disabilities, location constraints, or busy schedules), the e-club option offers the opportunity to be part of Rotary.

The main distinction between Rotary e-clubs and Rotary clubs is in meeting format. While each e-club is assigned to a district, members can come from any country or geographical area where Rotary maintains a presence. Also, e-clubs must meet a number of technical requirements, such as a dedicated website, private sections of the website that only members can access, and online financial transaction systems for collecting dues payments from members.

Making up meetings at a Rotary e-club

All Rotarians, even those in Rotary clubs, can make up missed meetings online with a Rotary e-club. Many e-clubs have links on their websites explaining how to make up a missed Rotary club meeting by attending a Rotary e-club meeting.

Organizing Rotary e-clubs

Each Rotary district may have up to two Rotary e-clubs. If your district is interested in starting an e-club, follow the same general guidelines outlined in RI publication Organizing New Clubs: A Guide for District Governors and Special Representatives. If you have questions about e-clubs, ask your Club and District Support representative.

See What You Need to Know about Rotary E-Clubs for more about Rotary e-clubs and how they function.